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12 October 2017

Remote debugging with Stunt developer analytics

    Lets look into an example - when developing applications for Android and you want to debug your application remote on some device that is in another location.
    You could come up with a solution to send commands to a remote machine which will build and install your application on a device connected to that remote machine and then to forward the output from Logcat to your machine and look at it in real time. But. And it is a capital case "BUT", because all that means that you need an experienced person on the remote machine that can install and keep up to date and functioning the complete setup that is needed for a development environment. And that is not your goal, your goal is to just have remote debugging and for that you need the Logcat output, and most probably not all of it, but just the part that is produced by your application.
    No problem you can have that with Stunt developer analytics. The remote device does not need to be connected to a computer. You just need someone running your application and performing the steps to reproduce the issue. You don't even need to wait for an issue and have steps for it, you just need to have you application setup with Stunt and you would know there is an issue by looking at the output you get in the Stunt web application.
    In addition to the Stunt web application there are clients for Android and iOS, but you can use the web application with Stunt clients for other types of applications JavaScript, web applications, what ever you want, just create a client implementation for them and use them with the Stunt web application.

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