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26 February 2017

Stunt remote logging and analytics update

We have updated the Stunt reporting server repository with a Postman collection for the report request that the server accepts from clients:

We have also added a quick and simple Stunt client implementation for iOS:

01 February 2017

Complicated, by design

Or as I say why should it be simple, easy and fast when it can be complicated, difficult and slow.

    'Simple, readable easy to maintain implementation.'
    'Complicated, hard to read and follow, difficult to maintain implementation.'
    It is not hard to say which one of both is better and preferred. But there is something that constrains and partially drives the implementation and that is the design.
-if we have simple system design it is easy to have the first kind of implementation.
-if we have somewhat complicated design it is less simple to have the first kind of implementation, but it is still possible.
-if we have an overly and unnecessarily complicated design, then it is almost impossible to have the first kind of design, no matter how much good practice, knowledge and implementation mastery we throw at it.
Don’t forget, design comes first.