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13 November 2016


    We were reminded to mention a great tool - Postman, because of this “New from Postman” issue:

    I don’t remember since when I started receiving these Postman newsletters, but they are great, Postman is great. And I am sure we would all be very surprised that there are a lot of people developing services or applications that consume services, that don’t use such tools. It may not be Postman, there are other solutions, but please do use something.

10 November 2016

Someone said let's self sign it

So I wanted to check my voting location for the Presidential elections in Bulgaria and I came across this on the GRAO website: 

Then in one of their pages they explain that the site is not secure and that the user has to install their root certificate in order to secure their connection to the website.

So they are using a self signed certificate and they are telling us it is OK.
Not cool guys. Don’t invent security. Just get a proper certificate !

01 November 2016

Store locations

Some time ago I came across an interesting puzzle:

In short we have some customers home addresses/locations and we need to place our store where there is the biggest concentration of people.

Here is our solution as an Android application, which uses k-means clustering algorithm. This way the engineers and marketers sent on distant planets can map the location of the population and calculate where is the most convenient location for stores, star ports and other facilities to provide the best customer service :)

Link to the repository at GitHub:

 Initial screen

 We add the population (coordinates are from 0-100), and input the area that the store is going to cover  (size is from 0-100)

 We see the store coverage area (the lighter colored rectangle) and the biggest cluster of population (the darker colored rectangle).